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2020 Census

Updated July 22, 2020

THE CENSUS IS ON!!! Fill out you Census here:

If you do not have internet access where you live, the Census and the City of Amity encourage you to go to Amity Public Library and file your Census using the City's online access. While COVID-19 has reduced our Library's operating hours, they are open. Check their operating hours and stop by if you want to complete your Census. But, you also have the opportunity to complete your Census over the phone. Please call 844-330-2020 to conduct a phone Census. 


Ignore the hype and hysteria; the Census, by law, reports data in the aggregate, not individually. Personal information will be protected. Also, there is language assistance available. Ignore the noise and check it out for yourself at:


English --

Espanol --


Non English speakers, homeless/transients, people of color, and other "hard to count" persons can seek Census assistance at:


Please do not go uncounted!

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