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Businesses are defined as any enterprise, trade, activity, profession, occupation, private educational facility, or any kind of calling carried on for profit or livelihood within city limits. This includes rental properties and out-of-city businesses doing work.

In accordance with Amity Ordinance 567, any person wishing to conduct business in the City of Amity must possess a valid business license. The fee for a business license is non-refundable. Therefore, it is recommended that businesses and home occupations ensure that they meet all zoning and other code requirements prior to applying for a business license. The fee for a new business license is $150.00 ($100 for a temporary business) and is due upon application. The business license is to be renewed each year for $75.00 ($50 for a temporary business) and is valid for the fiscal year, which ends June 30 of the following year. 

Businesses are responsible for knowing and meeting all codes, regulations and laws that pertain to their business. A business license is not a statement or waiver that these other codes, regulations and laws have been met; it is merely for the privilege of doing business within the city limits of Amity. It is possible that a business may have a valid city business license but may be unable to operate because it has failed to meet other requirements. 

Contractor Information:

Contractor doing business in Amity are responsible for getting a business license prior to the start of work. Your Construction or Landscape Contractors Board (CCB or LCB) number will be required to complete the processing of your license. This licensing requirement applies whether or not you are an individual, corporation or partnership and regardless of the scope or duration of the construction activity. Once you obtain a business license, it is valid for all future construction work in Amity for the one year. 

Rental Properties:

Renting property, whether a commercial building rental or residential rental property, is considered a business; therefore, a business license is required. Each business renting space in a commercial building must obtain a business license.

For residential rental properties, an owner-occupied home where one or two rooms are rented out is not considered a business and does not need to obtain a business license. However, a person renting out single family residents, units in the form of apartments or multi-family housing (such as duplexes, triplexes, etc) does need to acquire a business license for those rentals. Unless, the rentals are for a short-term purposes (Airbnb, etc), then a license is needed. 

Door-to-Door Sales (Solicitors):

Those who solicit another person to purchase or trade any product or thing must obtain a business license. In general, door-to-door sales people must obtain a business license , while those who go door-to-door, requesting political or religious donations or opinions are exempt. Solicitors must also provide a statement of all persons having an interest in the business, either as a proprietor or owner of the business. Therefore, if you know who will be in town doing the door-to-door sales, the City will need to know their names.

Community Events:

Community Events do not have to obtain a business license, though they may be subject to other permits and licenses. Community Events are events which provide an overall community benefit, are sponsored by a social or service organization, and are open to the public.


Certain businesses or organizations may be exempt from paying a business license fee, however, must still obtain a business license to show purpose and contact information for that business or organization.  Those exempt businesses and organizations are:

  • Churches;

  • Governmental agencies;

  • Publicly funded schools;

  • Civic organizations which operate exclusively for promoting social welfare;

  • Community events;

Businesses or organizations that do not have to obtain a business license are:

  • Solicitations for religious, political, or other social welfare purpose;

  • Owner-occupied residences where two or fewer rooms are rented out;

  • Utility companies subject to the city's franchise fee;

  • A household garage sale.

Local Businesses

The business listed below have obtained a license to conduct business for the FY 2018-2019:

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