The Following is an overview of the candidacy filing procedure. More complete information is contained in the State Elections Division Candidates Manual.


  • Initial meeting with the Elections Officer to complete Form SEL 101 – Candidate Filing. After completion of Form SEL 101, and acceptance by the City Recorder, a letter is provided to the candidate stating the candidate has permission to circulate signature sheets (SEL 121).  The top portion of the signature sheet is completed by the Elections Officer and copies are made for circulation.  The candidate signs and completes line 1 of Form SEL 121, sheet number 1.


  • Candidate Signature Sheets are circulated.  Circulators must witness each signature and complete the bottom portion of the signature sheet after all signatures have been obtained.  It is important to note that the date filled in by the circulator cannot pre-date the dates filled in by the persons signing the signature sheet.  


       Signature sheets of candidates for offices elected from the city at large (Mayor         and Councilors shall be signed by not less than 20 qualified electors residing           within the city.


       It is advisable to obtain approximately 15% over the necessary signatures to             allow for ineligible signatures.


  • The candidate submits the signature sheets to the Marion County Elections Division for signature verification.  The clerk will verify the original signatures against the voters’ current registration cards and return the certified signature sheets to the candidate. 


  • If the sufficient number of signatures has been certified, the candidate returns the certified signature sheets to the Elections Officer along with Form SEL 338 Petition Submission, no later than 5:00 p.m. on August 28, 2018, and the candidacy paperwork is complete.


  • If the candidate chooses to file a statement in the Voters’ Pamphlet, they will need to contact the Yamhill County Elections Division.



Please call Jackie Loos, Elections Officer at (503) 503-3711 if you have any questions.