The City of Amity will cultivate a sense of community and improved quality of life. The City will provide municipal services with quality customer service, proactive management, mindful stewardship and fiscal responsibility. 


The City of Amity is a welcoming community where people choose to live and visit. The City has a diverse mixture of thriving businesses supporting the residents and regional industry. Citizens are actively engaged in government and community activities/events. The City provides infrastructure to support continued growth and maintains strong and stable funding and reserves. Neighborhoods are family-friendly, walkable, and well-maintained. The City is recognized for it's sense of community, parks, public art, and wine. Amity continues to be known for being friendly.




Mayor Rachel King
As of September 1, 2021, Rachel King is Amity's Mayor. Previously, she was the Council President.
Rachel's term expires December 31, 2024.

Councilor April Dyche, Council President
Councilor Dyche serves as the Council President. She is also the Finance and Public Safety representative. 
April's term expires December 31, 2024.


Councilor Sandy McArthur
Councilor McArthur serves as the City Council's City Services and Infrastructure representative.  
Sandy's term expires December 31, 2024

Councilor Cody Goings
Councilor Goings serves as the City Council's Infrastructure and City Services representative. 
Cody's term expires December 31, 2022

Councilor Melissa Bojorquez
Councilor Bojorquez serves as the City Council's Community Engagement and Parks representative.  
Melissa's term expires December 31, 2024.

Councilor Acie Dunlap
Councilor Dunlap serves as the City Council's Parks and Community Engagement.   
Acie's term expires December 31, 2022.

Councilor Denis Saucier
Councilor Saucier serves as the City Council's Public Safety and Finance representative.    
Councilor Saucier's term expires December 31, 2022.

Council Focus Areas and Goals 2022
 (Updated in February each year)


  • Goal 

    • Objective 


1. Infrastructure

  • Water Infrastructure Improvements:

    • Finish the on-going water system improvements project by 2024

    • Complete 8" Loop on Goucher by 2024

    • Replace 8" Transmission Pipe to Reservoir by 2024

  • Sewer Infrastructure Improvements:

    • Complete the sewer rate study by June 2023

    • Complete the Wastewater Facilities Plan (WWFP) by December 2022

  • Streets, Sidewalk's Improvements & Storm Drainage:

    • Educate the public on their responsibilities regarding sidewalks and ditches

    • Continue to fill potholes throughout town

    • Work with staff to setup schedule to maintain storm drainage & ditches

    • Secure grant funding to accomplish road paving and sidewalk repair in 2022 & 2023

2. Community Engagement

  • Improve Community Outreach

    • Utilize the newsletter more​

    • Make improvements to City website and Social media by June 2023

      • Establish Instagram and place meetings to YouTube

    • Continue to host twice yearly Town Hall Meetings

    • Install a Community Suggestion Box

  • Involve Community to plan an Amity Day

3. Public Safety

  • Future Law Enforcement Funding

    • Pay for YCSO Services

    • ​Negotiate YCSO Contract
  • Engage with partners to establish funding options regarding public safety​
  • Provide information, education and enforcement involving health and safety codes and community concerns

4. Parks

  • Establish dog waste stations throughout town

  • ​Replace bark chips in Park Playground by June 2023

  • Work with local and regional partners to add / create new park spaces in Amity in the next 3-5 years​

5. City Services

  • Improve Library

    • ​Within 3-5 years complete a renovation, rebuilding, or expansion of our Library​

    • Address Community regarding City operations and utilities