The City of Amity will cultivate a sense of community and improved quality of life. The City will provide municipal services with quality customer service, proactive management, mindful stewardship and fiscal responsibility. 


The City of Amity is a welcoming community where people choose to live and visit. The City has a diverse mixture of thriving businesses supporting the residents and regional industry. Citizens are actively engaged in government and community activities/events. The City provides infrastructure to support continued growth and maintains strong and stable funding and reserves. Neighborhoods are family-friendly, walkable, and well-maintained. The City is recognized for it's sense of community, parks, public art, and wine. Amity continues to be known for being friendly.


Mayor Michael Cape


Michael's family moved to Amity in 2003. His wife, Paddie, is a special education teacher at Waldo Elementary School in Salem. In 2004, their daughter Abigail was born into their family. Michael previously taught in Sheridan for five years and in Molalla for one and a half years. Michael first became interested in politics while attending Oregon State University. He was the College of Agriculture Senator (a student government rep) and also had an opportunity to work as in intern during the 1997 Oregon Legislative session. He learned a lot that year and felt that when the time was right, he would look to serve his community in the local government. Michael and his wife plan on living in Amity for the rest of their lives and he truly wants to help make Amity a better place to live for many generations to come.

Michael's term expires December 31, 2020. 

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Councilor Ryan Lehman, Council President

Councilor Lehman is currently the Council President and serves on the Finance Committee. 

Ryan's term expires December 31, 2022.


Councilor Robert Andrade

He serves on the Water and Sewage Committee. His term expires December 2022.

Councilor Jenna Goings

She serves on the Tourism and Community Engagement Committees. Her term expires December 2020.

Councilor Napua Ann Rich

City Councilor for Amity, heading into her second year. She serves on the Business Outreach and Ordinance Committees. Her term expires December 2022.

Councilor Sandy McArthur

Newly appointed Councilor for Amity. She serves on the Ordinance Committee and Business Outreach. While her current term expires in December 2020, she just won reelection for a second term!


Term expires December 31, 2020.

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Council Goals 2020

(Updated in February each year)

1. Streets/Storm Drains

  • Identify Problem Areas/Inventory

  • Clean Ditches/Drains

  • Communicate Action & Education

  • Street Repairs

  • Prioritized Street Repairs

2. Law Enforcement

  • Enforce / Educate Ordinances

  • Improve Communication

  • Monitor YCSO Contract

3. Community Involvement

  • Community Physical Improvement Event

  • Junior Council

  • Council Involvement Community Events

  • More School Interaction

4. Water/Sewer

  • Public Education

  • Explore Utility Assistance Programs

  • Outreach on Progress (Inform)

5. Business Development

  • Outreach

  • Streamline Processes

  • Amicable Approach

  • Annual Business Workshop

6. Parks

  • Park Safety

  • Explore Possible Park Additions

       ~Splash Park

       ~Dog Park

       ~Community Garden

       ~Frisbee Golf

7. City Hall/Community Center

  • Library

  • Identify Funding Sources

  • Evaluate Improvements to Current Facilities

8. Stability/Leadership/Growth

 *Transparency thru Education and               Communication

* Code Codification

9. Enhanced Community Relations w/ County & Local Interests

  • Tourism Committee - Finish Grant & Review Ordinance

  • DIG

  • YCOM

  • Business Engagement

  • Other