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Re-Districting Information

We want to pass along the following information form the State. Click here for a one-page flyer that contains information, links, and dates for the upcoming slate of 10 meetings for the House and Senate Committees on Redistricting. The committees will be conducting 10 separate “virtual roadshow” meetings to gather public input regarding the 2021 legislative redistricting process, beginning Tuesday, March 9th, and concluding on Saturday, April 10th.

The State's link is:

Send written testimony to:

Why is this important? The recently completed US Census will reallocate legislative representation within the State. At the Federal level the State of Oregon will likely gain a new US House of Representatives seat. So, all of the US Congressional Districts in Oregon need to be redrawn to accommodate the new district. At the State level it means that our legislators' districts will be moved and resized to accommodate the new population growth.

Want to know who represents you? Go here:

This is your chance to influence who represents you in the legislature and make your voice heard.

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