About the Committee


The primary responsibilities of the Tourism Committee are as follows:

  1. Development of a long-range strategic plan aimed at promoting tourism in the city through the use of a transient room tax.

  2. Recommendation to the Council on programs for use of the fee and annual budget appropriations for the tourism fund.

  3. Working with the City Administrator on implementation of tourism promotion programs and development of tourism-related facilities. 

Committee Members

The Committee consists of five members comprised of one incumbent City Council member, one member from the Amity Downtown Improvement Group’s Executive Board, one member representing the tourism industry in the city, and two at-large members that are residents of the City of Amity. The Committee shall meet at such times as the Committee may determine are appropriate and necessary. Appointments are made by the Mayor, with the advice and consent of the Council, for two-year terms.

If you are interested in applying for or have questions about the Tourism Committee please contact Michael Thomas at or 503-835-3711. Applications will be made available at City Hall.


City Council (Chair)        Jenna Goings

City Council (Co Chair)  Ryan Lehman

Amity DIG                      Erin Rainey     

Tourism Industry             Barbara Bond

Tourism Industry             Bill WIllis 

Resident Member            Rod Hickerson


Tourism Committee Meeting

February 2019 - Time/Location TBD

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