November 27, 2019 - Tree damage in City Park

**Updated** December 9, 2019

A large tree cracked in the wind the night of November 26-27th and smashed the main picnic area within the park. The City wants to thank Amity Fire for coming out in the night to secure the area around the damaged picnic shelter.


The City requests that for your personal safety please stay out of the immediate area of the tree damage for the foreseeable future, even though the park is open.


More information regarding the tree at the park:
1) A contractor cut down and removed the tree on December 2nd, for the City.
2) The Park is open, but the Mayor asks, please, that for your own safety that you do not enter the area of the park where the tree damage is located. Thank you.
3) The City conducted another inspection of the trees on December 2nd, and is awaiting the results.  This will help the City determine if it needs to trim or remove other trees within the park.
4) The City will work to rebuild the picnic area as quickly and as safely as possible. To this end, the insurance inspectors have done an initial assessment, but will send a structural engineer out this week (December 9-13th) to do a final assessment. 
Once the insurance inspectors our complete, the City will go out and remove most of the damage and "render safe" the building. Our City Engineers are coming up with a plan and cost estimate to repair and replace the damaged area(s) of the structure.

Requests for further information should be directed to Amity City Hall at 503.835.3711. Thank you.