November 27, 2019 - Tree damage in City Park

**Updated** May 22, 2020

A large tree cracked in the wind the night of November 26-27th and smashed the main picnic area within the park. The City wants to thank Amity Fire for coming out in the night to secure the area around the damaged picnic shelter.

***Construction began on May 15, 2020, but was quickly halted due to a delay in County Permitting. Construction will resume sometime during the week of June 8th. We still expect that construction will be concluded before July 1, 2020. While construction is underway, the park will remain closed. The City still expects to have the structure completed in time for the Annual Pancake Feed (depending on the COVID-19 response). ***


The City will work to rebuild the picnic area as quickly and as safely as possible. Requests for further information should be directed to Amity City Hall at 503.835.3711. Thank you.