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Updates Regarding Water Leaks & Discoloration 

11/20/2019 @ 12 pm




Water Leak Information: 

Did you know that a minor leak of only 1/2 gallon per minute, per day, can add almost $89 to your monthly water bill?

Does that seem like a lot? Not really; a running toilet or a leaky sprinkler system can easily leak that 1/2 gallon per minute.


As the season turns cold it is not uncommon for seals and gaskets - especially older ones - to become brittle or tear in freezing temperatures.  

Save yourself some holiday cash, this season. Fix your leaky water pipes, faucets, and sprinklers. For more information, check out this information from the City of Portland.


Water Discoloration:

Did you know that your brown tap water may be the result of your own pipes? Please check out this website about why galvanized steel water pipes used in many older homes should be replaced.







Additionally, your own water heater may be working against you! Is your water brown when you run the hot water, but not the cold? (For example, loads of laundry run in hot water come out slightly brown, or your hot shower or bath water seems a little brown.) If your cold water is clear and your hot water is brown, that is a likely sign of a water heater that needs replacement.  Want to know more? Check out this website.

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