Operating a Business

Operating a Business in Amity Oregon

A one-stop office that works closely with the business community to help access business resources, site location, financing and information. 


All businesses and persons doing business within the City limits of Amity will need to obtain a business license each year. This applies to commercial businesses, home occupations, rental property management and out-of-city businesses doing work in Amity. An application and fee is required to obtain an annual license. Contact City Hall at 503-835-3711 for more information. 

Home Business Occupancy:

All home-based businesses operating within the City limits of Amity must obtain a business license as stated above. In addition, the home occupation must comply with City zoning code requirements. Click here to view the Home Occupancy application. You may also contact City Hall at 503-835-3711.

Community Development:

The Community Development Department is comprised of two divisions, building and planning. The Building Division is responsible for reviewing and processing building, plumbing, and mechanical permits consistent with adopted state and local codes. The Building Division also conducts inspections for permit compliance during construction. The Planning Division is responsible for tasks in three general areas. The Planning Division staff reviews and processes development projects to assure compliance with the City's Zoning and Land Use. Contact City Hall at 503-835-3711 for more information. 

All properties are subject to land use zoning and development regulations. These define type of uses allowed and the process required for obtaining a building permit for new construction or renovations.  

Provides permits, inspections and other services for businesses seeking to build, expand or remodel structures within the City of Amity.