The Mid-Willamette Valley Council of Government (COG) is the Amity City Planner. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact Amity City Hall at 503-835-3711.


The Amity Planning Commission consists of five members who are not officials or employees of the city.  Members of the Planning Commission are appointed by the City Council for a term of four years from the first calendar day of the year. The Planning Commission meets once a month on the 2nd Monday, when there is an application to consider.  

If you are interested in serving on the planning commission, please complete an application and submit it to city hall.

Ryan Jones - Chairperson
Steve Ruyle - Co-Chair
Rob Kistler - Commissioner
Courtnie Belanger - Commissioner

MacKenzie R. Davis - Commissioner 



Planning Commission Meetings


November 9, at 6:30 pm at City Hall 

(remote access may be provided)

Agenda for October 12, 2020: click here

ZOOM Info for November 9th:

Meeting ID: 895 9257 8991
Passcode: 735300

Attention: As of February 10, 2020 community members requesting to listen to audio recordings of any public meeting must give a minimum of 24-hours notice to allow staff time to process your request. Thank you.

Planning Applications

Each planning application has associated fees and deposits that are required with the submission of the application. To view the City's Fee Schedule, please click here.

Approved Minutes

Development Code

Zoning Map

  • General Provisions

  • Purpose

  • Establishment of Zoning Districts

  • Definitions

  • Low Density Residential (R-1)

  • Medium Density Residential (R-2)

  • High Density Residential (R-3)

  • Central Business Dist.

  • General Commercial

  • Light Industrial

  • Public

  • Agricultural Holding

  • Restricted Development Boundary

  • Flood Plain Management

  • Downtown Development District

  • Street Standards

  • Off-Street Parking/Loading

  • Storm Drainage

  • Utility Lines & Facilities

  • Signs

  • Site & Landscaping Design

  • Development Standards for Land Divisions

  • Yard & Lot Standards

  • Accessory Structures

  • Access Management

  • Planned Unit Development

  • Manufactured Homes

  • Manufacture Home Parks

  • Home Occupations

  • Attached Dwellings

  • General Provisions

  • Application Types & Review Procedures

  • Variance

  • Conditional Use 

  • Site Design Review

  • Similar & Temporary Uses

  • Nonconforming Uses

  • Lot Line Adjustment

  • Partitions

  • Subdivisions & PUD's

  • Zone Change

  • Annexation

  • Traffic Studies

  • Application Procedures

  • Public Notice Requirements

  • Public Hearing Before Planning Commission

  • Review & Public Hearing by City Council

  • Appeal Provisions

  • Fees

  • Type IV Actions

  • Performance Guarantees

  • Revocation of Decision

  • Comprehensive Plan