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The Amity Municipal Court takes place once a month at 10:00 a.m. and is located at 109 Maddox Avenue, Amity, OR 97101.

The date and time of your court appearance is written on your ticket in the bottom left corner. You will need to check in with the court staff when you arrive and wait until the judge calls your name. The judge will ask you to enter a plea. You may plead guilty, not guilty, or no contest.

Court Options

Plead Not Guilty and request a hearing. The defendant shall complete appropriate forms documenting the plea of not guilty and the request for trial. The defendant shall provide current address and phone number. If the original appearance date has passed by more than seven days, the defendant shall also post the appropriate base fine amount and pay any other related fees. The clerk shall send a trial date notice to the defendant by mail.

Plead Guilty or No Contest and Pay a Fine. The fine amount a defendant would pay shall be disclosed to the defendant. The clerk shall then accept payment in full or have the defendant enter into an installment agreement.

See the Judge in open court. If a defendant seeks to plead guilty or no contest to a violation, the defendant may appear before the judge for imposition of the fine. The clerk shall inform the defendant of these options. The matter shall proceed pursuant to the defendant's choice.

Paying Fines Without Appearing

You may not need to appear in court for your citation. 

You have the right to go to the court and plead not guilty. You also have the right to appear in court with an explanation for the judge. However you may be able to handle your citation without going to court. You may submit a letter to serve as your appearance and the judge may then reduce your fine or dismiss your citation based on that letter. 

You may also pay the imposed fine in person or by mail prior to court date.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Amity Municipal Court

109 Maddox Avenue

POB 159

Amity, OR 97101


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