Historic Landmarks Committee

The City of Amity is actively seeking members to serve on the City’s Historic Landmarks Committee.

Role of the Committee

  1. Review the building permit application for alterations to Historic Landmarks or construction upon historic sites where the guidelines for alteration provided in Section 11 of this Ordinance would be violated as determined by the Historic Preservation Officer;

  2. Review of the demolition permit applications which would result in the destruction of Historic Landmarks;

  3. Evaluate and designate historic districts, buildings, structures, sites, and objects;

  4. Conduct surveys, inventories, and studies of potential historic resources as budgeted;

  5. Make recommendations to the Planning Commission and City Council regarding historic preservation issues, including, but not limited to, ordinance amendments and historic district designations;

  6. Promote public awareness and appreciation of the City's historic resources as budgeted;

  7. The Committee shall support the enforcement of all state laws relating to historic preservation; and

  8. Conduct other historic preservation functions as determined by the Historic Preservation Officer

Committee Members

The Historic Landmarks Committee shall consist of five members selected at large. Each member shall be entitled to one vote. The Mayor, subject to Council approval, shall appoint a Historic Landmarks Committee of five members with a demonstrated competence, knowledge, or interest in historic preservation with preference given to those with professional experience in the fields of:

  • Preservation

  • Architecture

  • Archaeology

  • Community History

  • Building trades

  • Real estate or

  • Related specialties

If you are interested in applying for or have questions about the Historic Landmarks Committee please contact Nathan Frarck at nfrarckmthomas [at] ci.amity.or.us (@ci.amity.or.us) or 503-835-3711. Applications will be made available at City Hall.