Response to April 3rd, 2024 Council Meeting

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Amity; friends and neighbors,


At last night’s City Council meeting our public comment period was disrupted by multiple individuals who chose to use the opportunity and platform to express what I found to be depraved, offensive, and hateful views and commentary. 

The racist, homophobic, and anti-Semitic language used felt like an assault to those in attendance. 

Citizens, City Staff, and City Council were all unwillingly subjected to disgusting words and ideology shared by the speakers.


The views expressed were incongruent with the values of the City of Amity and the Amity City Council.

Hate has no place in our city. Discrimination will not be tolerated in our work and actions as a city.

I am committed to upholding a safe and respectful environment for every citizen to the best of my abilities.


These particular individuals joined our meeting virtually and I have no reason to believe that the speakers were citizens of Amity. Certainly, their comments were not a representation of, or aligned with, the public testimony we hear on a regular basis.

Forthcoming will be a reassessment of our public comment guidelines and procedures.


The right to free speech under the first amendment is integral to upholding our Constitution. As Mayor, it is my sworn duty to defend these rights.

Amity’s public meetings will continue to be a place where all are encouraged to share their voices. It is important for local government to hear from those they represent.

That said, harassment, threats of violence, and disruption of business WILL NOT be permitted. Appropriate conduct and decorum at our public meetings are essential and are expectations I hold of every individual who attends, whether in person or virtually. 

I extend condolences to those of you who may have been upset by yesterday’s incidents and I appreciate your understanding as to my presiding limitations of censorship.


I will say again: hate has no place and is not welcomed in Amity.

It is with a heavy heart that I share last night’s experience. 

Amity is a wonderful, friendly, and inclusive community. My thanks go to each and every one of you who strive to keep it that way.


In service,

~Mayor Rachel King