Utility Billing

Application for Water/Sewer Service

The City of Amity requires a deposit in the amount of $150 in order to open a water/sewer account ($70 water/$80 sewer). The deposit shall be held on all active accounts until a two-year satisfactory payment history is established or until the account is terminated. For more information, please see the city's "Water/Sewer Service Billing Policies."

Change of Address

Account holders are responsible for notifying the billing department of any changes in account status, such as name change, address change, termination, etc. If you wish to make any changes, please complete this form and return it to City Hall. Some changes may be made by telephone.

Stop Service Request

When a customer wishes to terminate services, the account holder must notify the billing department prior to the date termination is desired. If the customer fails to notify the city in writing or by telephone, any utility charges accruing are due from the account holder until notification is given to the city by the account holder or property owner/landlord.

Request for Deposit Refund

If your account has been active for at least two years and you would like to request your deposit to be refunded, please complete this form and return it to City Hall.

Water/Sewer Policies

Leak Adjustment Policy

Deposit Fees

  • $150 - Water and Sewer

  • $  70 - Out-of-Town Water Only

Other Fees

  • $10 - Posting fee​ (Disconnect, Shut-off)

  • $75 - Reconnect (Non-payment Shut-off)

  • $25 - Special Turn On/Off (each)

  • $  5 - Late Fee

  • $30 - Return Check

Pay my Bill

Note: Please use Amity for the organization and/or business when requested on the online bill pay application. Thank you.