City Grants

Special City Allotment Program:

The Special City Allotment (SCA) is an annual allocation of state funds for local transportation projects. Through an agreement between the League of Oregon Cities and ODOT, ODOT sets aside $1,000,000 each year (half from city gas tax revenue and half from the State Highway Fund) for cities under 5,000 residents.

The City  of Amity has recently applied for the SCA grant to make improvements on Oak Street between Woodson and Maddox Avenue, as well as an application to make improvements to Rice Lane from Amity Elementary to Jellison Avenue. 

Safe Drinking Water Revolving Loan:

The Safe Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund (SDWRLF) fund drinking water system improvements needed to maintain compliance with Federal Safe Drinking Water Act.

The SDWRLF is designed for collection, treatment, distribution and related infrastructure projects.

Amity has applied for the SDWRLF grant to make improvements to the water reservoir.