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Zoning Map of the City of Amity

The City of Amity is pleased to announce the start of its update to the City’s Comprehensive Plan. This study will be conducted by Mid-Willamette Valley Council of Governments, Oregon DLCD, and in collaboration with Healthy Sustainable Communities. The City of Amity is excited to modernize the City’s compliance with Oregon’s Statewide Planning Goals and lead a community conversation exploring ways to support economic development and housing options in the city.

The Comprehensive Plan serves as a blueprint for guiding growth, development, and land use decisions within our city. An updated comprehensive plan will help Amity maintain the community culture that our citizens love, while also creating a framework for the right type of future development opportunities. 

Throughout the next several months, the Consultant team will be actively engaged in identifying policy/data gaps in the City’s current Comprehensive Plan (the guiding document for zoning code implementation measures) to inform the update process and ensure alignment with the City’s community vision and priorities. Furthermore, during the summer months, the City and Consultant team will provide public information on the comprehensive plan update at City Council meetings to keep residents informed and engaged in the planning process. 

The City of Amity is committed to proactively addressing the needs of our community and remains committed to identifying proposed zoning and infrastructure solutions for the City of Amity that foster long-term, sustainable development. We look forward to the results of this study and the positive impact it will have on the long-term growth of our community.

If you are passionate about community development, land use planning, or simply want to make a difference in Amity's future, we encourage you to apply for a position on the CAC. To submit your application, please click on the following link: 

The City of Amity's current Comprehensive Plan is available for review below. 

Please direct all media inquiries to: 

Nathan Frarck City Administrator 

City of Amity, Oregon

nfrarck [at] () (971) 706-0785