Forms and Applications

Below you will find City Forms and Applications:

Complaint Form:

Use this form if you are experiencing or witnessing a nuisance.  A copy is given to Amity's police department, city administrator, and the mayor.  If the nuisance pertains to a certain department, such as public works, a copy is also given to the department manager. 

Electronic Message Board Application:

The purpose of the electronic message board is to enable the City of Amity and local community organizations to inform the public of community events, meetings, and emergency situations. The message board is not intended for private use, personal or commercial gain.  Click here to view the City's standards and procedures for use of the electric message board.

Request for Information:

To make a public records request to the City of Amity, please use this form. Please be aware that your request may be subject to fees for the actual cost for staff time and records production. 

Community Center Rental:

The use of city-owned facilities became apparent once the City began efforts to make the Community Room available for public use.  After working with the Ordinance and Community Events Committees an ordinance to provide general regulations for the use of city-owned facilities and penalties for violation of said regulations was developed. Click here to view the Community Center Rental Agreement

Transient Lodging Tax:

Ordinance 629 establishes the City's Transient Room Tax. Spaces that are rented and occupied for 30 consecutive days or less are considered transient and require the occupant to pay the established tax rate to the operator or manager of the rental. The Transient Room Tax rate is 7% of the rent charged by the operator. The operator may retain 5% of the overall collected fee to defray costs associated with the administration and collection of the fee. Records must be provided to the City, demonstrating that the retained portion is accurate.  Per Ordinance 629, operators engaged in business are required to register on a form provided by the City within 30 days.  The City designates 70% of the fees collected to the City's Tourism Fund and is used for promoting tourism in Amity.